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Originally posted by Notabot
I actually enjoy the "trick" windows and grill on Classics and such. It leaves the iconic Prime look intact while giving him slimmer looks or better transformations.
Both Armada Prime and Cybertron Prime look pretty "Primey" to me, without using false parts. War Within prime also has a completely redesigned chest, and it still looks very "Primey". I actually prefer this kind of original design concept. They are very reminiscent of the original design but not exactly a rehash of the original toy.

In classics prime, I don't think the false grill was necessary, since the toy was already pretty convincing as a Prime because of the chest windows. They could have just used a different design for his crotch.

In MP prime, I think they should have come up with a way of keeping the grill in place, instead of adding a false grill underneath the truck. It wouldn't be that hard...

Laser Rod Prime was a great figure (I own RiD Scourge), but I think the false windows and grill are misleading. They could have easily come up with an alternative chest design for him, I'm pretty sure the figure would still look great. It's just a matter of being a little creative, instead of simply copying old designs...

But hey, that's just me...
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