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Another script done and dusted, another blog entry. Well, why not? This time around itís Transformers (UK) #4, a 10-page (movie continuity) story focusing on the Decepticon Devastator. For those of you not up to speed on the all-new TFUK (comic/magazine), the first issue hits UK newsstands on July 19th, and contains a mix of new strip, reprint strip (movie Prequel and more) and features (not to mention FREE Transformers dog tags!). Artists so far confirmed include Geoff Senior, Andrew Wildman and Nick Roche. So, anyway, issue #4. Issues #1-6 all feature largely self-contained, character-led stories which are laced into the IDW Movie Prequel storyline. The six one-shots have a linking ongoing theme, something along the (framework) lines of Aspects of Evil or Perchance to Dream (two UK b&w stories from the late 80s/early 90s). Issues #3-6 are much less tied to the main (Prequel) storyline, the characters involved sidetracked somewhat and given a chance to shine (or behave badly) solo (or mostly solo). We deliberately, in these latter four issues particularly, went for characters not featured heavily (or at all) in the Prequel (hence Devastator). The story? Well, I wonít go into it here (these are teasers not spoilers), but suffice it to say we really do see why heís called Devastator. As for the art, well, if youíve been following Dreamwave/IDW comics for the past few years, you wonít be disappointed. Nuff said.

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