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Okay, so the hands might still be unpainted and white...but that first picture at least shows a painted Scorponok in the pacakge at least (which was not the case with the one we saw a while back that was perched on Blackout's arm).
Originally posted by Megatimus
He is Soundwave I;m telling you. Bay wasted this design and personality on a former Micromaster.
Well, reading the profile on the back certainly has a ring of Soundwave to it. And I know one of the early rumors was that Soundwave was to be a helicopter.

If this was originally intended to be Soundwave, I'm not sure we can blame Bay for it not being him now. My guess would be the "huge" out cry on Don Murphy's site about Soundwave not being a casette recorder that is to blame for this not being Soundwave.

But look on the bright if he gets killed, you don't have to worry about Soundwave not being around anymore.

(still the more I see, the more I wish they had made this Soundwave)

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