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Originally posted by Megatimus
He is Soundwave I;m telling you. Bay wasted this design and personality on a former Micromaster.
I honestly don't get what stuff like this means. It's like when people complain about Starscream not being Starscream.

Don't people get that this isn't a continuation of G1 and there's no particular reason for the characters to bear any resemblance to their G1 counterparts or share any personality with them at all? It's not like Transformers has never had name reassignments before, why would it be any different now.

Granted some characters are similar to their former "incarnations" especially Optimus Prime and Megatron, but those two are pretty much archetypes at this point.

Really what particular difference does it make whether this guy is named Blackout or Soundwave or Vortex or Flywheels or Fred? The only particular connections this guy would have with any past Soundwave or Blackout or whatever are whatever connections the audience chooses to make.

Originally posted by Brimstone
If this was originally intended to be Soundwave, I'm not sure we can blame Bay for it not being him now. My guess would be the "huge" out cry on Don Murphy's site about Soundwave not being a casette recorder that is to blame for this not being Soundwave.
I really think that's giving the stupid g1 fanboys far too much credit. Not to mention it's kind of a dumb line of reasoning considering that G1 Soundwave has been a cassette player 2 times (not counting Japanese exlusives or reissues), a car 1 time and a missile carrier thing 2 times. And that's not including any of the other guys named Soundwave.
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