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Originally posted by dotCommunism
Technically, Beast Wars is a continuation of G1. But, really, what does this movie have to do with G1 at all? How does the movie connect with G1? What similarities are there?
I think it's mostly characterization. They may not look like G1 and the story is not G1, but I think the characters are more based off the G1 versions of these guys than they are any of the others. (Optimus Prime being the noble leader, Bumblebee is the lovable underdog, Jazz is the loyal cool guy, Ratchet is the medic, Ironhide is the gizzled warrior, Starscream is the backstabbing underling, Blackout-originally-Soundwave is the trustworthy number two...uh, beyond that I don't know much about the Decepticons in this movie).

Anyway, that's where the connection to G1 comes from essentially. And actually, have there been any other Bumblebees or Jazzes or Ratchets since G1? So, maybe names, too.
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