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I think the figures all look good. It's just that, as ever, Hasbro just can't pose toys worth a damn.

I still love the greatness (erm, or is that greatmess) that is Scorponok. I think he'll be good fun, if nothing else, and the Scorp mode is nice at least.

I'm not sold on Bumblebee, but I may be in person or after the movie. He's the design I'm having the most difficulty getting my head round, to tell the truth.

Jazz looks a bit fatter that I had thought, but could just be the angle (or camera adding weight!).

Brawl looks nifty as ever, and I don't think his arms are as spindly as they appear. The black paint down the middle to the hands just doesn't help that impression though.

And Barricade? Well, I don't think there is anything anyone could possibly do to make him look bad!

Certainly plenty of selection to pick and choose from anyhoo.
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