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Originally posted by Civ
Eh...Jazz and Brawl might be worth picking up but I'd have to see them in person first. Brawl's too hard to make out on my monitor but his arms look spindly from where I'm sitting and I don't know what to make of Frenzy.

Not feeling it for Bumblebee and Scorponok...looks...looks...damn. Couldn't they have given this guy some proper legs and to do something with that tail? It looks like he's dragging his dignity on the ground.
i always wondered about the tail too. poor fella, anywho, if anyone remembers my idea from awhile back: "making him a half humanoid, half scorpion" would have done the job on him better methinks. and jazz does look a bit fat, but maybe it is the angle as was stated also. bumble bee looks so gangly, hopefully it is also the camera angle. i am not entirely sold on brawl, i feel they could have put more thought into him as a tank (even if there is so much one can do to a tank). but overall, i am waiting to see those more detailed photos of megs, he looked good from the angles i rememeber from the prototype imagwes i had seen either here or on .
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