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We should have a stickied YouTube thread... Just with some notice saying we've seen all the Transformers fanmixes and that Gobots ass-rape clip... - The best of the old ITV Digital ads, if only for the phrase "Incorrect, tubbyman!" that I always intend to use on here, but always chicken out in case the person I'm jovialy correcting is some fat bastard

Mitchell and Webb: - - "Are we the baddies, Hans?" - Best superpower ever.
NSFW - My personal favourite from the series, the best of those little inbetween sketches bits. - The Greatest TV theme tune of all time. This isn't a cue for debate, it's a stone-cold fact. Wait until 0:59

Couple of Chris Morris' best pastiches: - Blouse on Myra Hindley [probably helps if you know of Hindley and Pulp's Jarvis Cocker, TBH]
NSFW - Fur-Q. COCK-BITCH-COCK-BITCH-MOTHER****ER. - Nirvana sell out.

Plus of course, Good AIDs and Bad AIDs - NSFW They don't all have to be funny. A stunning performance. Okay, Carlos Alomar's pretty damn funny. Obligatory Gilles/Rene joust.

Father Ted

"My Lovely Horse" 'video' -
"Are ya goin' over four miles an hour?" -

EDIT: Important note for cutting and pasting. Best if you spell the original right, yes?

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