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Oh hell yeah!!!

The more I see something new from this movie the more I am looking forward to seeing it.
Think ive just about wore out my LMB hitting play/pause to go thru the action bits frame by frame.
Love the homages to G1 with the yellow beetle next to the camaro at Bernie macs car sales and (I think its)Megatron swinging a big old mace and of course the noise when OP transforms.(I like this sound so much its been my mobile phone message tone for months-people at work might actually start recognising what it is and stop giving me quizzical looks)
Also like the sly dig at Porsche for not letting Bay use their vehicles.
Two words CANT WAIT
PS I know there are a few people from here in Scotland on the board anyone fancy getting together in say Glasgow to go see it on opening night BTW im raging we have to wait til July 27th Ill have to put up with nearly a month of you guys raving about it/ripping it to shreds before I get to see it
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