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Originally posted by redman prime

i'll try not to be a dick about the whole three week thing, too.
Not to add further salt to the wound, but there's a small chance it might premier a day sooner.
Straight from Bay's long-faced mouth


Hey, i want to thank everyone for the kind words on the trailer. I'm so used to seeing robots I kind of got bored with the trailer. I forget you have not seen them. When they put the piece together I kept wanting to show our truly awesome shots - but we didn't. I can without a doubt say we have just teased you on this trailer. We have so many awesome shots that will never be in our ads. I bet this will be one of the rare trailers that does not show you the true money shots of the movie.

I would also like fans opinion on opening on July 3rd instead of the 4th. The studio kind of sort of is thinking about which might mean "no". If you spread the word on the Net - they might listen. The 3rd everyone is off from work, I say "what the ****" play the movie - "give'em giant ****ing robot early"!!!



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