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Originally posted by another tf fan
You intend to see any of those movies before Transformers?!
Potter's part of a set, so it's in - though I'm waiting for DVD for it, honestly. It really lost its fizzle with the nonsensical previous flick.

Shrek III? Hell yeah, I'm taking my girls to see it, one of the FEW movies that we're all going to enjoy.

Pirates III? ... Two words: "Undead Monkey". Also, it's one of the few movies that really DOES need the big screen at least once. I'm a sucker for great cinematics.

Transformers, on the other hand, is a B-movie with a load of Hollywood pretention and a main plot I've seen in two of Micheal Bay's OTHER films. I'll eventually see it, but it's just not 'big-screen' to me.. In my mind, it's going into the video collection near Godzilla and Independance Day.

Forget letting the cinema kick your ass, just tell me where you live.
In the land of the sky blue waters... waaaaaters...
Hamms the beer refreshing...

Non-yanks, or non-fogies, may need this to get an idea of the reference :

Oh come on, Pirates III is going to PWN every other Movie of the year hands down (unless everyone involved suddenly losses all talent).
"21 Jump Street" is overrated, but good. And, face it, who DOESN'T want to see Barbosa and the undead monkey! (And, honestly, I'm hoping ALL the guys just DUMP the fickle bitch. That scene alone would make me fork over the ticket price. )

You can probably save money on Shrek III by watching the first one again and imagining Timberlake in it.
I dunno, looks like a lot of early-parenting gags this time out... of which, I can relate.
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