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Seriously man...look, I know you've been unhappy with the designs and everything you've read about this movie. But, honestly, I am having a really hard time understanding how anyone who is even remotely a fan of Transformers, in any of its forms, can't get at least a little bit excited when they see this trailer!?!

Really...all joking aside. I can't understand it. Sh*t I practically peed my pants when I saw this one. The fluid transformations make me giddy. Both Starscream transformations and Blackout's...the one where he looks like he's flying down a street and comes around a building then, boom, he's a robot. The way the blades strain and torque as they come to a quick's just all very wow!

I still know nothing about the story (save what was in the prequel comic) but it surely looks awesome to me.
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