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Originally posted by Notabot
Why would just Prime make the noise, and why part-way through the transformation? I'd be surprised if it's consistently present in the movie. Maybe thrown in once or twice as a nod, but no more than that.
I think it'd be even weirder if it was only once or twice. It either needs to be there for all of them, or none of them.

I think it worked well, it's kind of the finishing sound of the the last bit of gears interlocking or something before the robot is complete.

Besides, it's in the trailer at least twice. Once for Prime and once for Megatron (or at least right after Megatron transforms with his weird squeaky sounding transformation). There's the scene where he steps on Jazz (holy crap, I didn't think he'd be that big!) and you hear the squeak, then the next scene you see Megatron in where he's transforming you hear the squeak again, so I think that's part of his transformation sound...but then just as it cuts away, just before you see rollerblading Bonecrusher, you can hear the sound...I think. It's hard to tell, actually. But I think it's there.

Anyway...all or nothing man. Either everyone has to have it everytime or no one has it all, I think.
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