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Originally posted by Denyer
Because they enjoy Transformers for the stories and characters?
Don't you mean "because they only enjoy Transformers for the stories and characters"?

I didn't say you had to be slobbering and chomping at the bit. I said I didn't understand how one who is a fan of transformers in any form couldn't be at least "a little bit excited" about this.

I mean, let's face it, part of Transformers is big explosions and huge robots kicking the crap out of each other. Take Escalation for instance...people have been liking it, the responses have been okay. But the most excited I've seen any reviewers about any of the transformers comics was the second to last one...and it was all about the most bad ass fight between Prime and Megs.

Part of Transformers is the flare. So I say again...doesn't this trailer make you even the tiniest bit excited?
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