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HHGTTG had me excited in anticipation (and delivered.) This doesn't -- I'll see it in September when I get back to the UK, rather than try to find a cinema whilst abroad -- mainly because the script and casting are a hodge-podge of Hollywood cliché... maybe the second will have room for more once the obligatory introduction stuff is out of the way (in the same way X-Men 2 was a marked improvement on the first film.)

I dig explodey stuff as the backup to a good story done with characters I've been given a chance to get to like.

Things I like so far, and made me think "hey, cool":
- Starscream's transformation sequence.
- Megan Fox, who distracts from Shia being the spiritual successor to Daniel quite well.
- That spoof Grimlock video on the SectorSeven website.
- Peter Cullen's voice on the earlier website trailer.
- The stab at a backstory given by the comics and novel, although they make me just wonder how little backstory will be given in the film.
- The large Blackout makes a nice toy, as do a couple of the Real Gear ones.

Excited? Nope.
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