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Well... TURBO CHARGER beat me to the punch, but I don't see how it could have been put any better.

As a collector of so called "B movies", exploitation, sleaze, gore, and other assorted low budget fare...I can clearly see that Transformers is not going to be a "B movie". The #1 thing associated with "B movies" is the low budget..which obviously this movie does not have.

Thing might think its going to suck, and it may even suck as bad as the people who are so quick to write it off as a "B movie" without even remaining the least bit optimistic or excited of the fact that our fandom is getting a major push into the mainstream again. However one thing it clearly will not be, is a "B movie".

I'm with Brimstone as well, as I just can't understand how a self proclaimed fan of TF would not be in some way interested or excited about this movie.

And Denyer's comment that fans enjoy TF for the characters and stories is a little misleading to me as well. I might be wrong, but I think most of us in this fandom got into TF with the original cartoon series from the 80's. At what point did that series have deep and moving stories and character development?

We like it largly because of the nostalgia involved in it, the same reason seeing this new trailer should spark something in you if you are a fan of TF.

That is all.
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