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Good morning ladies and gents.

Perhaps you're sitting reading this whilst sipping on your breakfast tea/coffee/pint, wondering what this glorious sunday will bring... I propose you kick it off with a thematical eighties youtube post. For imagine, if you will, that unbeknownst to us the world is on the verge of being overtaken by dreaded, evil ninja !

ZOMG ! I hear you type. Who can save us from such a fate ?... Chuck Norris ? Nope. Have you forgotten that Bruce Lee ripped his chest hair out and then snapped his neck ?... Jean-Claude Van Damme ? You're kidding right ? A frickin' teenager beat him up after JC broke his dads' leg (but what a teenager !)... Steven Seagal ? Sorry, he threw himself out of an airplane in a desperate bid to make Kurt Russell appear credible... Vin Diesel ? ... [removed]

Fear not my friends,
there are greater warriors
who walk this earth than such false idols.

Men such as Richard Harrison.

Richard Harrison. A ninja so great, he has the headband to prove it.
Richard Harrison. A ninja so cool, he has the telephone to prove it.
Richard Harrison. A ninja so mustached, he has the crabs to prove it.

Don't believe me ? Just watch him and his mate kill some other ninjas. He has defeated such notorious villains as the purple ninja... and this red one. Richard Harrison. The man who made Clint Eastwood famous. Prefering to play tennis with topless women in slow-motion (not safe for work, but it's sunday ay ?) Not only that, he has powerful allies too. like the vampire raider, and... er... this guy.

Richard Harrison.
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