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Default 9/11: Simon Furman's blog updated (some spoilers)

TF writer Simon Furman has updated his blog, teasing us once more with scant, yet tantalizing details for upcoming IDW TF releases. In this entry, Mr. Furman discusses Devastation #5. Yes, expect some spoilers.
Try it. It's blogerific!

SPOILER! (select to read)

Right, back to the Ďongoing,í with a round-up of stuff I can reveal (which ainít anything major, donít worry) about Transformers Devastation #5. As with my last Script (W)rap, for Beast Wars The Ascending #4, as we get further into a series (one where people are still to read issue #1, which comes out next week by the way), itís tougher to tease and easier to inadvertantly give away stuff you later wish you hadnít. Thereís just so much BIG stuff happening in Devastation Iím particularly wary of anything approaching a true spolier. I donít want to lose that big Ďwowí factor when you finally see all this on the page. So, in very general terms, for the Autobots this is very much an aftermath issue (after #4ís simply colossal dust-up with Decepticon living weapon Sixshot). But boy, what an aftermath! The life and death stuff that wasnít resolved last issue is resolved here (E.R. eat your heart out). And Optimus Prime makes a decision that will stun you. Seriously. As for the Decepticons, theyíve got Reaper trouble. If you thought the Reapers just amounted to the six you saw in Spotlight Sixshot, think again! And itís not just external forces plaguing Megatron. Trouble comes to a head within as well, in the shape ofÖ well, that would give the game away, though once you see EJís fabulous cover youíll know. And (ícause this oneís packed to the rafters) thereís more on Hunter, more on the Headmasters, more on Hot Rod and Wheeljack and even a tease of a certain upcoming Spotlight featuring, well, the one I said Iíd sideline for as long as possible, but then I started getting withdrawal symptoms and, anyway, youíll see! This one doesnít hit stores until January 08! But itíll be worth the wait, I promise! For more details on all IDW Transformers titles, visit the IDW website here.


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