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Smile 9/28: Simon Furman's blog updated (some spoliers)

Writer Simon Furman has updated his blog, once more teasing with scant but tantalizing details of upcoming TF titles. The latest entry discusses Spotlight: Blaster (ooo, ooo, and feel free to check out earlier entries.The 27th entry discusses Ascending, and stuff).
Go on! Try it. It's blogerif...oh, nevermind, just touch the link. Do it!

SPOILER! (select to read)
The news is out, the next Transformers Spotlight (the first in what is effectively vol 3) is to feature… Blaster. Now already there’s been speculation (on various website forums) as to exactly which Blaster this will be. The rock ‘n’ roll fixated, amped-up version from the cartoon series or the harder edged but compassionate warrior from Bob Budiansky’s Marvel Comics run. The answer is neither, or maybe an amalgam of the two with a new twist, however you want to look at it. The whole point with these character Spotlights (and the IDW TF-verse in general) is that you don’t ever get quite what you were expecting. If it’s been done before, the rule of thumb is, don’t do it again (or don’t do it the same way). So in Spotlight Blaster we meet not one but two new versions of Blaster, a before and after. Before/after what, you might ask. Well, let’s just say there’s an element of murder/mystery (without the murder per se) about this particular Spotlight, as a killer (and perhaps even a traitor) stalks the Autobot Command Hub, out finish something they started a while ago. But what about Blaster himself? Well, he’s certainly loud and bombastic, and his ‘voice’ is pretty much what defines him and his role in the larger scheme of things. But, as the story opens, circumstances have left him a shellshocked shadow of his former self, initiating an exploration of who, once you strip away the larger-than-life bluff and bluster, the real Blaster is. Expect a host of cool cameos, a link to one of the other existing Spotlights and a dramatic new direction for the focal character that will (eventually) affect the ‘ongoing.’ For those of you who felt Galvatron and Optimus Prime maybe weren’t self-contained enough for the Spotlight format, hopefully Blaster will fulfil all the criteria. Transformers Spotlight Blaster ships in January 08, and you can check out some advance art (cover and interior pages) in this thread on the IDW forums.

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