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Smile 10/7: Simon Furman's blog updated (some spoliers)

Simon Furman has updated his blog.
One item of particular interest is revealed within this entry; Fortress Maximus will make his IDW debut in a yet to be revealed Transformers Spotlight (i.e. as a supporting character)
Ooo, yes, touch it. Touch the link!

SPOILER! (select to read)
I managed not to reveal the subject of the second (or three) Spotlights I’m currently writing for IDW, but did let slip that (within the covers of that same un-named Spotlight) a certain Fortress Maximus makes his full IDW debut (albeit in a supporting role). That done, it was back to my own little corner of the convention hall for more in the way of one on one meeting and greeting. The afternoon then gently wound down until 5PM, when I packed up and was gone. A nod of the head to fellow creators Declan Shalvey and Will Sliney, who had the table next to mine. They both made for excellent company as the attendees ebbed and flowed. Overall, a very nice experience, busy enough to feel it was worth your while being there, but not so mad you feel mauled by the end of the day. After food, it was back to the ‘library’ bar at the Central Hotel for more lively chat (and, yes, Guinness), the proceedings enlivened still further by the arrival of Nick Roche (and pretty much his entire family). The next morning, it was into a hire car and off into the wild blue yonder. All in all, a very fine diversion. Cheers, Rob. Now back to work…

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