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This might have been raised before but I think it might be an idea for us to have a sticky where if people spot a good money off or BOGOF etc offer on TFs they can let the world know(or us lot here at any rate) and share the bargain.
This would have been good in the run up to Xmas and I thought about it when I made my last couple of purchases.
I found and ordered Beatmix Bumblebee from Gadgetshop (a division of The Entertainer) because they had slashed the price from 40 down to
Also Argos often home of the UK TF bargain have done it again with Alternator Prime at half price of less than a tenner.
I just thought it might be a good thing to have on the board and that way people could just put a description of the figure,why its a good deal and if poss a link to it so that others could get in on it before they all go.

Loss of job. Will sell for food here.

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