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Originally posted by Halfshell
You mean like when Death's Head went from TF to his own title, via the pages of Doctor Who?
Though there are no characters who's sole purpose was to sell toys in there though (I have read Galvatron's supposed to have a cameo in the first one somewhere, but if he does it doesn't show up well in the colour version I have), same goes for the appearences of Merlin from Captain Britain on the council within the Matrix on Gallifrey.

Has anyone else seen the "unofficial" appearence by the Brig and Benton in a Clearmont written X-Men issue where the entire cameo is wrendered pointless by the colourist seemingly thinking British soldiers dress as postmen?


That's likely the closest we'll ever get.


People thought Furman writing Terminator stuff would result in a crossover.
Well, that and the fact Terminator is a dirty whore property that will crossover will anything.
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