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Originally posted by Cliffjumper

Brilliant! And nothing like what was described to me (which was something like galvatron's shadow being subtly in one panel. Good to see Nel on the colour duties as well.

Yup... there are several Who references in Claremont's late 1970s/early 1980s stuff, but I'm damned if I can remember any of the others...
From what I remember (which is all stuff from books like the Completely Useless one rather than comics themselves) I think there's a orgonisation called WHO which is basically UNIT led by a non copyright infringing Brig. I thnink there's also a X-Men book written by one of the New Adventure boys (Steve Lyons?) with a character who goes from looking like Tom Baker to Sylvester McCoy after vanishing for half the book (one of the NA writters also did the TV Movie as one of Virgin's porn books for a laugh).

Mr. Fantastic apparently has a bigger on the inside Police Box given to him by "That crazy Doctor" but the artist dew a red phone box...

Mind, surely there's every chance the UNIT bit is actually meant to be official...
Whilst he may have intended it seriously (I've only seen the panels with them in) I meant "unofficial" in the sense I can't see them paying for the rights to use them for just one panel (and whatever agreement was in place for DWM at the time I can't see it being able to let them stick the characters in any title. Not to mention the Beeb don't own the Brig anyway...)
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