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Default Premium Optimus Prime sword test shot

Current information:

The upcoming "Premium Series" versions of Leader Class Optimus Prime and Megatron were originally reported by and depicted in an issue of Lee's Toy Review.

Mirrored image:

Optimus features a retooled head sculpt and a retractable sword instead of the original release's gun.

Megatron appears to sport a retooled head sculpt as well.

Enertainment Earth confirmes that the two are scheduled for a general release (i.e. they're not exclusive to any particular store), as part of wave 6 of the Movie Leader Class assortment (the one after Deep Desert Brawl's wave), slated for an April 2008 release.

We have official Hasbro stock photos for Prime:

Mirrored images:

Apparently he will only sport a few silver paint applications, the rest remains in plain grey plastic (and to make matters worse, some paint applications on regular Leader Prime are MISSING).

Japan will also get their own version of Premium Prime, including the sword and the retooled head. Their version (MA-21 Optimus Prime Battle Mode, also slated for a mass release) appears to be sporting a chrome paintjob, unlike the Hasbro version. However, the only photo we have thus far comes from a Japanese toy show.

Mirrored image:

We have photos of a test shot of Prime's sword:

Mirrored images:

We also have a Japanese retailer solicitation showing not only a prototype of the sword, but also a close-up of the new head sculpt.

Mirrored image:

Megatron in packaging:

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