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Default Classics 2.0/Universe wave 1 revealed + club Seacons!

According to the Allspark and TFW2005 The Transformers Collector's Club has revealed the line-up for the first wave of Classics 2.0/Universe figures.

Among the Deluxe sized figures are Sunstreaker, Prowl, and Tankor (better known as Octane). Joining them in the Ultra price range is Onslaught and Powerglide. They also showed an image of the upcoming Sunstreaker figure but it is exclusive for members of the Collector's Club.

Also announced was that there were definite club plans to offer the long-absent Seacons set, as well as a Nightbeat toy.


Official prototype pics --

The official TF universe section --

TFCC has released a video preview of the club exclusive Nightbeat. Credit also goes to

Preview image of Evil Prime up at

- ziggy


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