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Oh and whoever made the decision to make some characters "Exclusive" to a club or retailer sucks!!!!
Yeh, much better if they didn't come out at all. Which is the most likely alternative.

You think Hasbro want to sell a few hundred units instead of a few hundred thousand? No, they'd rather every toy shop in the world had the shelves crammed with their products. But it depends on the retailers wanting the toys, and if something's an exclusive, chances are whoever it's exclusive to are the only retailers interested in stocking it. It's very, very rare a particularly desirable figure comes out of these things, especially genuinely limited avaliability (store exclusives aren't a massive problem) - I think it's fair to say the last set of BotCon exclusives were the first time it actually happened, and that was due to something of a fluke in terms of avaliability (G1-styled moulds being freely avaliable of characters who happened to have popular G1 recolours made). The pickings for BotCon this year (if they do get access to the 2.0 moulds... forgotten their restrictions... probably not worth telling me, I tend not to memorise stuff I don't give a toss about)
are likely to be a little slimmer, or at least less obvious, due to the lack of G1 recolours of the original Octane/Powerglide/Onslaught.
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