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Yeh, got to say they're pretty weak even compared to the likes of the Protectobots, Technobots or Combaticons.
Well, the Combaticons win out for me in that the vehicle modes were largely very nice, and the robot modes were only 'ruined' by somewhat weak arms. Definately the strongest of the combiner teams. The Seacons, though, like the Terrorcons, were just ridiculous 'monster bot' figures that looked pathetic in either mode.

It's true that the BWII characters were pretty cool, even with the weak toys, but those aren't even what we're getting either...

Greener on the other side and all that, like the way people managed to mass-hallucinate God Ginrai as a great toy because retractable fists sort out comedy proportions or something.
God Ginrai wasn't a great toy, but it was a decided improvement over Powermaster Optimus Prime.
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