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Anyone got a copy? And a Bigbot/Seibertron watermark? [/old old old]

Protectobots get my nod, just ahead of the Combaticons and Technobots. Nothing spectacular from any of 'em, IMO (well, except the alt modes for Afterburner and Lightspeed... what do we get full-size in the same year? Chromedome and bloody Brainstorm... Argh...), but they get the job done. Mind, I'm really not that keen on 'beast' type things as alt modes for toys - not entirely sure why, but it's never really been my thing. There're exceptions like Sludge, Swoop and Repugnus, but not many. But the Seacons' robot modes just seemed all the more deformed than was usual for the teams - the half-decent (if horribly coloured) Snap Trap aside, did any of them muster anything approaching a decent-looking set of limbs?
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