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Well, the "Mirror universe" idea sounded awesome when it was first suggested two years ago.

Sadly, it's being undermined by the characters sporting the same names as their "regular universe" counterparts (except for Goldbug, which is a shame considering the first time the name is officially reused in 21 years is on a bad guy), and seriously, why the HELL would "good guys" call themselves "Deceptions"?

Unfortunately, I also fear the characters will get boring personality swaps (as in, Optimus Prime <=> Megatron), instead of giving us more original approaches (e.g. good Megatron = "Beast Wars Silverbolt" over-the-top heroic, evil Optimus Prime = "G1 Straxus"-indifferent about anyone else but himself etc.).

But then again, if there's ONE thing you will NEVER evaaaar find in this club, it's originality.
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