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In ur newz forum. Reading ur newz!

Optimus Prime (evil)-Done up in Nemesis colors, I bet. Been wondering when that usage would show up, until I saw the preview.
Autobot Jazz (evil)-I'm down with that. Target Exclusive Movie Jazz is my Classics Jazz stand-in. Glad to see more exposure for this name.
Goldbug (evil)-Hmmm . . . they've all ready used the Classics BB mold (they also used the 'Screamer mold, too), but I wouldn't mind one more time if they give him a Goldbug head.
Grimlock (evil)-He certainly has a habit of joining the decepticons in a lot of stories . . . I can see him joining the good guys, a la BW Dinobot. Think about it.
Starscream (good)-Well, according to the descriptions, he's supposed to be loyal to Megs (wonder if they'll make Megs an exclusive, too).
Mini-Con Razorclaw (unknown faction)-Most likely a Decepticon, given his G1 namesake. Also, he's lumped in with Starscream in this statement:

from the brochure
and good guys Starscream and Minicon
Not a bad set, per se. I'll probably pick it up for the bad guys, mainly. Though a loyal, virtuous Starscream sounds appealing, too.

EDIT: Can't wait for previews.

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