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Preordered my set.

After last year's set, I'm excited, especially since this set is potentially six separate molds (guessing four deluxes (Jazz, Goldbug, Grimlock and Starscream), one voyager (Prime) and a minicon (Razorclaw)), as opposed to three and two thirds (since Thundercracker, Dirge and Thrust share basically the same core, I'm counting Thundercracker as one (since he uses the original seeker mold), and approximating the other two as only about a third different (I'm probably off, but whatevs), so they only add a third to the total number of different molds, each).

I'm hoping that the molds breakdown as follows:
-Classics Prime-Prime. Duh. Hoping for "Nemesis" colors.
-Cybertron Hot Shot-Jazz (they really only have to add a visor to the eye portion for a perfect Jazz head). I'd like to see him done like Ricochet, seeing as he's evil or with reversed colors. Blue with white stripes would look good.
-Cybertron Crosswise-Goldbug (Like Jazz, this head only needs a slight remold to make a decent Goldbug). This is hard. On the one hand, he's gold. On the other hand, that's hardly traditional TF badguy colors.
-Classics Grimlock-Evil Grimlock. Maybe done in BW Dinobot colors to allude to him switching sides? I'm really going to be surprized if they don't play that element with him, since he has a habit of doing just that.
-Classics Starscream-Good guy Starscream. Kinda hard. TBH, he uses blue and red, all ready, which are traditional autobot colors. Maybe something more akin to the movie colors?
-Razorclaw-I'm assuming they're going to use the tiger minicon? We'll see how he turns out. Not going to speculate on colors.

All in all, it'll be fun to get my hands on these figures.
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