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Its going to be interesting to hear what story is behind this picture. It has a propaganda feel too it.

The chin surprised me a bit, but it is not the first time that megatron is shown having a rather large chin, as this picture from TF:TM shows

One thing I'll never understand is why people day that Megatrons head looks like a german steelhelmet. With those parts on the side it looks more like something that I would call roman or from the dark ages, it looks like a face protection. Megatrons "helmet" goes way to far down to be a WW2 era helmet, here we have a few pictures of a steelhelmet, and it doesn't have that face protecting parts. For some reason do "Badguy" helmets always end up being called German steelhelmets by people.

Edit: Sorry about the somewhat agressive history lesseon, but I'm just a little tired of hearing that a helmet looks like a nazi helmet when there are some clear differences.

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