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One thing I'll never understand is why people day that Megatrons head looks like a german steelhelmet.
I know its not accurate. Its actually closer to the images of Nazi soldier steelhemlets as represented in American and British propaganda rather than being close to the real thing. Look especially at cartoons and comics from the 40s. My roommate has a reproduction poster of WWII propoganda poster that shows a WWII german soldier in steel helmet peering over a wall or into a window and a long black line next to him. The caption is "HE'S WATCHING YOU." This was to play on the fears that there were Nazis inside the US, possibly living next door, plotting and scheming against freedom. A big fear after some of the difficulties that happened with German immigrants in WWI, with many people supporting the Axis, and the number of people who had returned during both wars to Germany. This image probably predates Transformers by a good 40 years yet most of our friends go "Watch out, its Megatron!" when they see it.

So even if the imagery wasn't the original intention, its an easy link to make for an American. Besides which, Megatron was originally a Walther P38. The association with WWII Germany is clearly established for Megatron.
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