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A "m'eh" from me. (< edit: corresponds with newer thread)

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Trimmed block quotes.

Anyone else (who's seen 'em) think the club Seacons remind overmuch of Hot Rod in that colour scheme? Figure they'd have drummed up more interest with the old colours.
Yeah, I think so. The original, or better yet the Beast Wars colour scheme suits their "theme" a little bit better. Not that it has to be that way, of course. Still, I think it's the emphasis of turquoise that does that (the originals). And it's more consistent through out the body, following a similar pattern with each figure. The exclusive colours are more mixed-matched. There is some blue, but also some fiery colours as well, orange and yellow, mixed with white, black, and maroon. I personally think it's a bit of an eye sore.

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