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FYI Iacon packages (non-attending) are being pushed to the back of the queque in favor of attending guests. Anyone whose ordered the Iacon package after February 14 has been placed on a "wait list."

Originally Posted by OTFCC
Hello Francis!

Due to unprecedented demand for our Convention Boxed Sets, we have had to stop accepting Iacon (non-attending) package orders for BotCon 2008.

The remaining boxed sets will be reserved for those fans who want to attend the convention in Cincinnati, OH, April 24th-27th.

While we are consulting with the manufacturer to see if there is a way to increase the quantity of the boxed sets, we do not expect this will be possible, orders received after 02/14/08 will be put on a wait list.

Thanks for the overwhelming response! We appreciate the high esteem you have placed on the 2008 and all of our past year's BotCon sets. We will be sure to keep you updated on the situation.

Thanks for your support,

So yeah. If you're only joining the club to get the exclusives, but you aren't planning on attending the convention, you may want to hold off on sending out your registration form.

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