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is anyone else a bit annoyed about the message of Science = Horrible Things that seems to be running through this continuity?
It makes sense in the context it's given... if there were easy advancements to be made in TF tech, there'd be a much more intensive arms race and both sides would probably be far closer towards mutually-assured destruction. Or have reached that state already in the current timeline, rather than the more "cold war" situation of raids and infiltrations.

More power has to come with drawbacks to explain why it hasn't already taken over, besides just being new. It does seem likely the Autobots will refine some of the freshly-discovered tech into more positive and sustainable forms, or they'll be overrun. And there seems a good chance we'll see more of Jhiaxus' endeavours (maybe more successful ones) in the Revelations saga.

Hopefully more details will emerge in the Focus On issue due soon.
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