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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
That seems to be the convention for the term with comics; basically "limited series longer than a mini."
Hush. I'm entitled to have a moment of stupidity once in a while.

Originally Posted by Terome View Post
Oh, certainly. I just think that it's way too early to be introducing any kind of giant threat. We don't even know who the hey Optimus Prime is yet. I'd like to see Nemesis and Jhiaxus survive to fight another day, since they have a nice visual element to them and probably a lot of story milage.
I'd like to think so, assuming the title "Expansion", whether it is ever written or simply tossed out in the last minute, has any bearing with all the esoteric babble going on between the residents of the Dead Universe. Of course, it is just a title, but one can't help but see a correlation. I agree that The Dead Universe material should be prolonged just a teeny bit longer, though the occasional revelations leading up to it are very much welcome to me. Given a bit more time to stew in its creative juices, not to mention room, just may allow it to show some of that plotline's potential. I'd hate to see it rushed myself, though something tells me that Revelations will focus on various other plot strands, which just happen to be interconnected to DU stuff. Could simply be a prelude.

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