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Well, a 12 issue comic set a year after Devastation- That's not what I was expecting! I think bringing in a new writer is a great idea, though it'll take some doing to match Furman's current run, and 12 issues offers a lot more scope than the last few minis. I hope they stick to 12 issues and don't cut it short.

I think this idea has a lot of potential if they play it as the humans trying to deal with the Deceps; man versus very tough machine, something like the Terminator comics with a lot of human casualties and some brutality.

What exactly does "the Autobots have been dispatched mean?" I'd assumed it was set on Earth after the Bots had left to deal with other things, not that the Deceps had managed to kill most of the 'Bots including Prime. This is main continuity right, not an elseworlds thing? Denyer may be right with his fake footage theory. Or it could be something else entirely. I'm glad they're finally giving us some info about this.
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