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Originally Posted by glazios View Post
I have to admit, I'm somewhat... disapointed. The idea of a character with an aircraft carrier alt-mode could have introduced Broadside - which in itself would mean introducing the concept of Tripplechangers, something I for one would particularly like to see attempted. Hell, for the aircraft alt. mode Bay could've used the Antonov An-225 (world's largest aircraft, for those who didn't know), and the USS Ronald Reagan supercarrier for the aircraft carrier mode itself. Not sure if any of that is even plausible, but somehow I think Bay could manage in stretching the budget for it...
Well, I would've thought a carrier-transformer to be a Decepticon, namely Tidal Wave, seeing as it's a military vehicle, but I can see that there would be trouble with something like this. For example, how would an aircraft carrier be useful on land? (rhetorical) As for the aircraft alt, I think Cybertron Jetfire, Skyshadow, and Movie Jetstorm (pretty much all the same figure) represent the An-225 very well, and I would not like to see another Blackout/Bonecrusher figure deal (ie: way too short). But Bay being Bay, don't count anything out yet, especially when it comes to blowing **** up.
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