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Couple of interviews -- (content-free);f=36;t=007180 (with art)

A new creative team jumps on a Spider-Man or a Batman book and no-one bats an eyelid
Not true. It's a reason people prepare to (and often do) skip arcs or drop a book. Change isn't necessarily bad, and it's preferable to read rather than prejudge, but this is a wee bit disingenuous.

I think it's safe to come out and say that this 12 issue series isn't the only time I'll be spending in the Transformers universe.
Tangent; what are the odds of seeing more of Eric Holmes considering that (regardless of this rather vocal online segment of the fandom) the Megatron series was a commercial success?

It had a lot of things in there no-one has ever seen in a Transformers comic
Torture, blackmail, characters of a cannibalistic bent, the genocide and destruction of a major population centre? Having a bit of hard time working out what this could encompass apart from fetish porn.

Would we survive?
Probably not unless there was a very good reason to keep us alive -- it'd make more sense to use chemical weapons to kill all life on the planet and get on with mining the Ore-13. However, keeping a population as hostages might dissuade other parties from interfering if they weren't sufficiently pragmatic to ignore the hostage situation and blow up the planet.
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