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Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
^Awesome, isn't it? =)

I have 2 worries. Have you managed to fold the nozzles completely in robot-mode? It just feels like it should stick more to the back.

Also, I worry that tail-fin thing (the thing on his chest) might break.
The booster thing is a non-issue. The trouble is, Henkei Astrotrain has far tighter joints than Classics Astrotrain, and it takes a little more to get them there. When the boosters are vertical / parallel , there should be a slight gap between the shuttle wings and Astrotrain's back. With Classics, that hinge just shifts, but you need to align it properly with Henkei it seems (at least with mine). I've attached a couple of photos showing this alignment.

As to the tail / chestpiece, it is a little frightening in both of the releases, but seems to be fairly sturdy plastic. I guess we all just need to be careful with our Astrotrains!

Oh - the Henkei instructions miss the same subtle transformation step as the Hasbro ones - when in train mode, rotate the shuttle tail before splitting it. That way, the 'V' faces point forward and looks streamlined, and less like kibble.

You can see this on Classics Astrotrain below.

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