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Originally Posted by secretcode View Post
Don't tell Treadshot. For the love of God. DO NOT TELL HIM.
Did you really think i would just skip this thread or something?

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
What why?

OK, I just finished transforming Universe Prowl, and I have to admit I'm rather disappointed. The legs look weak, and the arms just hang there. I like the alternator-like transformation (reminds me of Alt.Smokescreen) but that doesn't compensate for the bad head mould and the stupid neck.

I think what he means is that since i'm fine with the way Tankor looks, he's worried this thread will turn into another argument. He just forgot one thing: CLIFFJUMPER IS NOT AROUND, SO WE HAVE NO ONE TO START AN ARGUMENT.

Either that, or it's because i am the only one who happens to live in a place that doesn't have Fr*****' Universe yet!

I agree with basically everything you said bout Prowl, though i'm only going off photos. Teh 2 BFG's aught to compensate.

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