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Originally Posted by Springer007 View Post
I wouldn't mind have Superior Maximus. I never saw him, nor had a chance to grab him at the time.
He's not bad. Imo he's the weakest of the three, but a lot of that has to do with the center Robot's stomach caving in. Otherwise he's a pretty solid figure.

My favorite one is definitely Bruticus, and then the constructicons.

give it real hands and feet
Yeah. I'd say that if I had to nitpick on one thing it'd be the lack of propper hands, but the rest of the gestalts more than make up for this.

The weapons themselves doo make good feet in terms of balance, but yeah. Hands would be an improvement.

I'd love to have seen at least a peg hole or something so they could use the energon weapons from the terrorcons/omnicons.

Though sadly the worst hand comes from my favorite jet mold (Treadbolt). The others at least have a handish/mittenish/claw-like shape. He's got four pegs sticking out. Maybe it's more of a gun-hand-dealy . . .

Overall the combined modes are great, and the individual robots are awesome (The only exception being the crane. I managed to snag an extra of Treadbolt, the orange helicopter fellow and the light green tank fellow, as well as an extra Barricade. I was tempted to pick up an extra bulldozer and an A-10, but I never got around to it . . .). So it'd be a crime to exclusively play with them in gestalt mode like I used to do with my G1 combiners when I was younger. I really need to dig these guys outta the garage.

I thought they did a decent job with the combiners from Energon. I just wish the sculpts had been different for each piece like in G1 combiners, or slightly different parts. I just didn't like the fact that the arms and legs of each combining set in Energon had the same arms and lower legs.
Yeah. I know what you mean. Though taking Bruticus and replacing two of his limbs with Aerialbots like they did in the OTFCC seems like it would make a nice, diverse combiner. I need to snag another A-10 mold so I can complete that gestalt.
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