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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
Did any of those Transformers: Magazine issues see print? I've never seen one.
Yes, 'cause I got the cover images from eBay auctions...

HAve any other issues been edited to remove Marvel mentions (Circuit Breaker, possibly Death's Head?) as well?
Not AFAIK... I think it's a representation thing... a shot of a jungle/forest isn't identifiable or protected -- and similarly using a character's name isn't -- but a shot of a jungle/forest with The Savage Land as a caption is.

Memo to self --

UK #152, change note on Jawbreaker's name to point to probable confusion on the part of the editors between the toy and the weapon it was packaged with. Add note about 1988 annual.

Add Weirdwolf to the end of the list of profiles printed in the 1987 annual.
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