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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Not AFAIK... I think it's a representation thing... a shot of a jungle/forest isn't identifiable or protected -- and similarly using a character's name isn't -- but a shot of a jungle/forest with The Savage Land as a caption is.
Looking at the original, it would actually be a fairly sensible deletion even if there were no legal issues, it not only namechacks the original company ("Long time Marvel readers...") but places it firmly after a Avengers story (and as I'm guessing that Avengers arc wasn't reprinted by Marvel UK at that time does that mean the reference was changed for the Brit comic?), all of which is fairly redundant from IDW's point of view.

The best thing is though, I noticed that but not the complete removal of half the last page to be replaced with a Space Pirates! ad.

Assuming it has the same edits in the Classics trades as well, it might be worth adding something on it to the notes section for US8, so anyone coming to the guide from the new reprints doesn't wonder what the entry is going on about in places, something vaguely (but better written) like:

"When reprinted by IDW both the reference to the Savage Land and the final half page showing Josie's new powers were removed due to copyright issues with the Marvel owned concepts"

Might even be worth mentioning in the entry for every issue affected which ones IDW can't reprint for those reasons?
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