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Marvel UK text from #27: -

"If you veteran Marvel mavens recognize [sic] this place as the Savage Land, give yourself a pat on the back with a mastodon tusk"

The rest of the box is just blanked out. When I get hold of a scanner, I can see about scanning the Marvel US version (providing I haven't been able to sell it, of course) and the UK version. If that's not a bit nerdy and weird, anyway.

Interestingly (depending on how you define the word) the UK edition also ends after the "But who cares... the Autobots are free" frame - I'm guessing so the flow works better with the following four UK-originated issues rather than "here's Josie Beller, we'll catch up with her in a bit, here's MTMTE off the telly in the meantime"... remember, it was years before Marvel UK actually admitted there title was partially composed of reprints. Weird that the same edit would be made for two totally different reasons, but there we go.

My favourite Marvel UK edit ever is still the cover of US #48 being integrated into "The Flames of Boltax" itself as a story page. Either that or the period where they recoloured Marvel US covers, just because it's an open admission that Yomtov was shit.

General thing mentioned elsewhere: while I don't have the PHP/FTP skills, or time, to actually maintain the guide myself, my pretty much complete (bar a few freebies) TF UK collection is close to hand for any queries, though I am still scannerless (and even when I get around to buying a replacement, am likely to need prodding, and won't scan anything that might damage the comics).

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