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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Interestingly (depending on how you define the word) the UK edition also ends after the "But who cares... the Autobots are free" frame - I'm guessing so the flow works better with the following four UK-originated issues rather than "here's Josie Beller, we'll catch up with her in a bit, here's MTMTE off the telly in the meantime"... remember, it was years before Marvel UK actually admitted there title was partially composed of reprints. Weird that the same edit would be made for two totally different reasons, but there we go.
kinda fitting for a best of UK comic as well isn't it? Did Marvel UK fill the bottom of the page with anything or just leave it blank? [Notice how this started with you asking for help from other people to overhaul the guide, now its become ask Cliffy ).

Are we updating the guide for the DW stuff as well? [OT, but I was a bit surprised to see the other day that the wiki reports the "Sunstreaker was gay" thing as gospel when the writers themselves deny it and no one else has backed up the claim]

As for more general factual updates, I can put together a list of various bits and bobs I've come across over the years (my personal favourite being Mike Collins story about John Ridgeway creating the character models the UK staff used by tracing round the toys), but a lot of it is from convention anecdotes and may not have the old "citation needed" thing going for it unless there are still transcripts out there.
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