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Careful couching with "Rumour has it" or "at [convention]" might do, but it'd have to be relevant - there's enough semi-related cattiness in the thing as it is. And anything sourced from Furman and/or his pet Wildman would have to have "But he's known to be a lying bastard when it suits him" added afterwards. If something can be cited it's great, but IMO it's not hugely essential for a toy tie-in comic guide (especially one that probably borders on libellous in a couple of places).

The rest of the page was a Next: Deception Dam-Busters graphic and an Inter Face profile for Snarl.

As I say, in general I'm still around to help and do the old bit of research, but as point-and-find rather than overhaul. Just opening up a folder and hooking out an issue to find something's the sort of level I'm at.

I really wish Combattler V could stand up. Hurgh.
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