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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Careful couching with "Rumour has it" or "at [convention]" might do, but it'd have to be relevant - there's enough semi-related cattiness in the thing as it is. And anything sourced from Furman and/or his pet Wildman would have to have "But he's known to be a lying bastard when it suits him" added afterwards. If something can be cited it's great, but IMO it's not hugely essential for a toy tie-in comic guide (especially one that probably borders on libellous in a couple of places).
Sounds perfectly sensible.

In terms of what is citable- The introduction to the US comic could probably do with a mention of that Marvel Siver Age Preview thing. I was also wondering about this:

while John Romita led an art team to redesign the toys into workable character models. These would also be used on the Transformers cartoon being co-developed with Sunbow.
Even though I know his claim to have done all of them personally is under some dispute I think it's pretty much acknowledged now the character models were designed by Sunbow, mostly via Dery and then given to Marvel who'd been using more toy based designs for the first issue or so.
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