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Nah, the early stuff's blatantly swiped from either the Diaclone box art (which aside from some recolouring for the likes of Sunstreaker and Trailbreaker, is the Transformers box art), or using the same "toy with some extra joints" principal as Shogun Warriors.

Diaclone box art for Wheeljack: -
He looked like that for most of the early issues. I seem to remember he's more or less standing the same way in the big role-call spread.

There are a couple of intermediate character models in there (a frame with Ratchet having a windscreen in front of his head springs to mind, plus Megatron's early head design and fusion cannon trigger - the latter, and some early faces, made it into some early animated toy commercials, which bringing us around full-loop, were turned into A4 posters for some early issues of TF UK - I've scanned a mildly irrelevant one a while ago), but most of it is pretty firmly in one or the other.

IIRC the comic hit the stands in something like April, US comic coverdates being spectacularly ahead at that stage (Transformers being dated as a bi-monthly around the start if Furman's run was to bring this into line was a company-wide attempt to bring the dating into line a bit, even though the comic wasn't being published bi-monthly), and the mini was bi-monthly, so that's a lot of development going on there while the thing's actually in print. By #3, things are pretty consistent, if not quite how they'd end up (though that might just have been Frank Springer's style at the time).
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